Francesca, Diego and Carlo had been in China 
for far longer than any Italian should have to last without Italian food. 
Withdrawal symptoms were evident: cold sweats, nightmare visits by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, delusional visions of U.F.O. pizzas, and the growing belief that the Earth’s core is actually made of gelato.

Something had to be done.

In a desperate attempt to hang on to their sanity they called in an expert from Puglia. He taught them how to make gelato – there was still hope. More experts were recruited, ingredients were imported and lost recipes were unearthed.
Now, mostly cured of psychosis, Francesca, Diego and Carlo are running three retail shops around Yunnan and a warehouse in Kunming and have a distribution fleet that reaches the far-off corners of the Middle Kingdom. They want to bring closer to you what they like most: good Italian food.